BANDIT RECORDS was established as an independent record company in 200l as a partnership between country music legend GEORGE JONES and his wife, NANCY; EVELYN SHRIVER; SUSAN NADLER and JOAN and KENNY SIMS.

SHRIVER was the first female president of a major label in the history of country music when she took over the helm of Asylum Records (part of the AOL Time Warner Music Group). NADLER was Executive VP/A&R. Though neither had ever worked at a label, their different approach to the record business resulted in two Grammy wins during their first year of business. Among their first signings at Asylum was the legendary GEORGE JONES.

BANDIT was established when Asylum Records was closed by AOL Time Warner as part of its corporate consolidation. Though Jones could have remained with Warner Bros. Records, he chose to leave the entertainment conglomerate to create a new company with his friends.

The philosophy of BANDIT RECORDS is to create unique, interesting projects with artistic integrity that can operate free from the constraints of the corporate music industry.